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We offer quality coated stainless steel Cues Compatible tow cables and lifting straps.  Our tow cables fit the Cues Ultra Shorty, Ultra Shorty 21, USIII, WTR, CPR, Steerable and Non-Steerable Pipe Ranger Camera Transporters as well as the LAMP 2 Lateral Launcher.  We also offer lifting straps for the LAMP 2.

Sewer Camera Tow Cables Lifting Straps

Affordable Tow Cables and Lifting Straps

Receive big savings on tow cables, lifting straps and more through our online Store. Shop the lowest prices on replacement equipment sewer camera transporter parts. We make sure our tow cables, and lifting straps work with CCTV Transporter manufacturers. Get a replacement or new tow cable or lifting strap hassle free by purchasing through our online store. If the part was not what you were expecting, you can return it with our no risk 100% money back guarantee. If you have any questions about our inventory Contact Us here or call 407-392-9366 today.