TruGrit Wheels

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The TruGrit Wheel is the world’s first Polymer Carbide Grit Hybrid wheel designed to provide maximum pulling power in all pipe types and conditions.  Using Patent Pending TruGrit Polymer Carbide Technology, we have developed the most innovative aftermarket traction wheel available for the CCTV sewer inspection industry.  The TruGrit has the unique ability to provide the traction needed for varying pipe types and conditions, yet still provides the flexibility needed to traverse through obstacles without damaging the pipe; this is what sets it apart from the common steel carbide grit wheels on the market today.  With our custom reusable hub adapters, the TruGrit wheel will fit perfectly on 5 of the major camera transporter brands.  Simply  purchase the hub adapters one time, and then all you have to do is purchase new TruGrit wheels as needed.  For Envirosight and RST customers, this is a huge benefit and savings over the OEM that requires the purchase of a new molded wheel/hub assembly every time their rubber wheel wears out. Fits Cues, with standard Cues style hubs, fits Envirosight/IPEK, IBAK/Rapid View, Rausch and RST with TruGrit Hub Adapters.