Nickle Plated Half Link For #35 Chain


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Nickle Plated Half Link For #35 Chain

Part Number: HL-35-NP

The Nickel Plated Half Link for #35 Chain attaches to the chain on your sewer camera transporter to secure your chain and make sure it is linked to the device. Sewer camera transporters need to be able to move through pipelines with ease and half links allow the chain to move your transporter with speed and accuracy.  The Nickel Plated Half Link for #35 Chain is made from the high-quality materials that lengthen the lifespan of your sewer crawler. At TruGrit, we provide industry professionals with affordable parts that can aid the function of their sewer camera transporter. Plating the half link with nickel strengthens the link ensuring its durability. The Nickel Plated Half Link for #35 Chain allows professionals to service one part of the transporter without replacing the machine all together.

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