Tow Cables (tethered pair) | Compatible with Cues CPR, SPR & LAMP2



Part Number: TCD-39-SS
Applications: Fits Cues Pipe Ranger, Steerable Pipe Ranger, CPR and LAMP 2
Replacement for OEM Part# LM157

The Cues Compatible 39.5” Coated Stainless Tow Cable is a tethered pair that fits the Cues CPR, SPR and LAMP2*

Protect the cable connections and lengthen the life of your camera with our tow cables.  Our specially designed cables are designed to protect the cable assembly/connection to your camera.  Avoid bending and flexing that plugged cable connection, as well as undue stress – for a fraction of the cost of an OEM part – with TruGrit Traction’s Tow Cables.

*If you are using a LAMP 2 with rear camera, then you need our tow cables specifically designed for this, which you can find here.

Sewer camera transporters need to be able to work smoothly to conduct effective sewer and drain inspections. As sewer camera transporters move through sewer and drain pipes, they allow industry professionals to see a real-time view of a pipe system’s interior. Sewer camera transporters reveal a variety of pipe issues like cracks, clogs, blockages, and leaks. The Cues Compatible 39.5” Coated Stainless Tow Cable (tethered pair) is made of durable material that is built to last. At TruGrit®, we pride ourselves on selling top-of-the-time sewer transporter parts that industry professionals have around-the-clock access to. The Cues Compatible 39.5” Coated Stainless Tow Cable (tethered pair) is made to assist your transporter in conducting successful sewer camera inspections. All of the parts we sell at TruGrit assist industry experts in providing clients with the best sewer and drain services possible.

This product pertains to: Transporter Replacement Tow Cables, Transporter Lifting Strap Replacement, Cues Compatible Camera Transporter Parts, Trenchless Pipe Inspection Equipment, Sewer and Drain Camera Transporter Parts, Pipe Inspection Parts, Residential, Commercial, and Municipal Sewer and Drain Camera Transporter Parts, Camera Transporter Tow Cables, Water Main Inspection Equipment, Sewer Main Inspection Equipment, and Cues Compatible Transporter Equipment.

Additional information

Weight 272.155 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

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