45-Cleat Treaded Chain Assembly (Pair)


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The 45-Cleat Treaded Chain Assembly is a replacement that is added to your sewer camera transporter to ensure its efficiency when moving through a sewer or drain system. When your transporters chains are not working, it is time to replace them. At TruGrit, we only sell equipment that is made from the highest quality of materials. The 45-Cleat Treaded Chain Assembly allows the sewer transporter to move through the most difficult pipe systems and pipe materials made from PVC, HDPE, clay, iron, copper, concrete, terracotta, and more. Residential, commercial, and municipal sewer system can all benefit from pipe inspections because our parts allow transporters to do their job in the most effective way possible. Having a fully functional transporter is essential for your business and adds to the effectiveness of your work. The 45-Cleat Treaded Chain Assembly is extremely durable and built to last allowing your transporter to inspect pipelines with speed and efficiency.

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