Cues Compatible 47 Cleat gritted Tracks- #35 Chain (Pair)



Part Number: CPA-3547-GU
Applications: Cues Shorty, Ultra Shorty and LAMP 1
Replacement for OEM PN: MC208

The Cues Compatible 47 Cleat Gritted Tracks – #35 Chain (Pair) attaches to your sewer camera transporter allowing it to move seamlessly without losing traction in dirty and greasy sewer pipe. Sewer camera transporters are essential to your business because they provide you with a live-feed of the interior of a pipeline. When your sewer camera transporter is properly functioning, you will be able to conduct a successful pipe inspection that reveals clogs, blockages, breaks, and cracks. If your sewer camera transporter is not working properly, you will not be able to go about your everyday work. The Cues Compatible 47 Cleat Gritted Tracks – #35 Chain (Pair) is made with high-quality materials that you can trust in. At TruGrit, it is our priority to provide companies with all of the necessary parts to repair and restore one of the most important pieces of equipment they have. Our Cues Compatible 47 Cleat Gritted Tracks – #35 Chain (Pair) provides your sewer crawler with the best way to get through all pipe systems.

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Additional information

Weight 5443.11 g
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 2 in