6 Inch TruGrit® | Envirosight Compatible


FITS: RX130, RX125 & Supervision Camera Crawlers
Requires: 6″ TruGrit Hub Adapter Not Included


We have 6 Inch TruGrit® | Envirosight Compatible wheels, fitting the RX130, RX125 & Supervision Sewer Camera Transporter.  Each wheel includes a molded outer hub, so only an inner adapter is required.  Stop struggling in greasy pipe because you don’t want to wear out your expensive steel carbide grit wheels, make the 6 Inch TruGrit® your go to wheel for all types of pipe.  The more they wear, the better they get because the carbide grit is embedded throughout the polymer all the way to the hub.  For your 8 Inch pipe needs, check out the 8″ TruGrit®.

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Part Number: TOM-6ES-TG
Applications: RX130, RX125 & Supervision
Protected by one or more US Patents

This 6 Inch TruGrit® | Envirosight Compatible wheel is guaranteed to aid your Camera Transporter model in moving through greasy pipes. Greasy pipes can often cause problems due to these type of machines losing grip during the inspection process. This well ensure that your Camera Transporter model will not run into that problem. Because of the treads and durability, this part will last you longer. The price is also affordable, meaning that purchasing it for your camera transporter will likely not break your budget. Camera Transporters are a useful and effective method of inspecting pipes for damages. This machine can inspect a wide range of different type of pipes, including water and sewer pipes. The six inch TruGrit Hub Adapter is not included.

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Weight 200 g