68-Cleat Treaded Chain Assembly (Pair)


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The 68-Cleat Treaded Chain Assembly comes in a pair that goes on each side of your sewer camera transporter. The chain assembly allows the sewer camera transporter to move through pipeline systems that you inspect with speed and efficiency. Sewer camera transporters are a vital technology that industry professionals use to identify problems occurring within residential, commercial, and municipal pipe systems. Sewer crawlers need to make their way smoothly through your clients’ pipe system in order for you and your team to properly diagnose pipe issues they are having such as clogs, breaks, leaks, corrosion, tree root invasion, or other damage. The 68-Cleat Treaded Chain Assembly is a long-lasting and reliable piece of equipment that your company will be able to use for all your pipe inspection needs. At TruGrit, all of the equipment we sell is made from high-quality materials that fit all your sewer transporter needs.

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