8″ Aries Compatible Hub Adapter Set (No Inner Seal)


TruGrit® wheel not included

1 each outer hub HC-810A-SS
1 each inner hub HA-610A-SS
All required mounting hardware


Required to run the Trugrit™ wheel on the Aries Mini-Badger Camera Transporter without the seal on the inner hub.
Part# HAS-810A-SS
Applications: Mini-Badger TR3101
Protected by one or more US Patents
TruGrit® wheel not included

This part is an essential piece for a TruGrit wheel to run. This piece fits the Aries Mini-Badger TR3101 and Camera Transporter model. With guaranteed durability, this piece will last you a longer time worth of camera inspections for your clients’ homes or businesses. Camera transporter inspections are crucial for determining piping problems. This set comes with two hub adapters. This piece is fast and easy to install, eliminating any and all struggles that installation processes would result in. This part is affordable and ensures that your Camera Transporter will operate efficiently again. Please note, a TruGrit wheel is not included, nor does it come with an inner seal. If you have any questions or would like guidance on purchasing pieces for your camera transporter, contact our friendly and highly-trained staff today.