8 Inch Inner Adapter | Rausch Compatible


TruGrit® wheel not included

Re-Usable Hub required to use the 6″ Rausch Compatible TruGrit® Wheel in 8″ pipe.


Inner adapter required for the Rausch Compatible 6″ TruGrit® wheel to work in 8″ pipelines.

This is an eight inch Rausch-Compatible inner adapter, best suited to fit with a Rausch-Compatible wheel. This wheel is sold separately. This adapter is required for a Camera Transporter’s wheel to work effectively. Camera Transporters are a new and efficient method of inspecting pipes for breaks and clogs. Here at TruGrit we offer affordably-priced parts to a wide variety of Camera Transporter models, from the wheels to the inner adapters. It is important to note that it is recommended that this Rausch Compatible inner adapter be paired with a Rausch Compatible Camera Transporter model for more efficient working quality.
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