8″ RST Compatible Hub Adapter (1/2″ Axle)


Required to use the TruGrit® Wheel on RST Transporters.
TruGrit® Wheel Not Included


Required to use the TruGrit® wheel on RST Transporter with 1/2″ axle
Part Number: HAS-8RT-SS-2
Applications: RST 1/2 Axle
Protected by one or more US Patents

This 8 inch RST style hub adapter is an essential part for your Camera Transporter’s wheels. This part goes inside a tire of the same model to secure it to the Camera Transporter. This part is affordable and durable, and is able to withstand heavy wear and tear. Whether you are buying this part to fix a Camera Transporter that focuses on residential, commercial, or municipal lines, TruGrit offers affordable and reliable parts to complete any and all Camera Transporters. We carry a variety of models, from the RST style to the Aries style, even offering parts from both older and newer models. Camera Transporter wheels are sold separately.