8″ RST Compatible Hub Adapter Set (2-Pin)


Required to use the TruGrit® Wheel on RST Transporters.
TruGrit® Wheel Not Included


Required to use the TruGrit® wheel on RST 2-pin style transporters.
Part Number: HAS-8RT-SS-3
Applications: RST 2 Pin Compatible
Protected by one or more US Patents

This part is an eight inch RST style hub adapter set, featuring the two pin style. This piece is best fitted to other RST styled wheels to Camera Transporters. Not to be mistaken for another non-2 pin model. Whether you are searching for parts for a broken Camera Transporter for your client’s home or business, TruGrit offers affordably priced Camera Transporter parts. Camera Transporters are an efficient and effective inspection tools to determine the location of any and all plumbing problems. At TruGrit, it is guaranteed that you will be receiving quality equipment for an affordable price. We offer Camera Transporter parts from a variety of different models, ensuring that we will have the part that you are looking for.

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Weight 200 g