8″ Aries Compatible Outer Hub Adapter (for Inner Hub w/ Inner Seal)



Part Number: HC-8A-SS
Required to run TruGrit® Wheels on the Aries Badger LT3001 and Pathfinder TR3300 Transporters
Applications: Badger LT3001 & Pathfinder TR3300
Protected by one or more US Patents

This is an eight inch aries-style outer hub adapter that fits perfectly with an aries-style tire. This is an affordably-priced part for a Camera Transporter. This piece has an outstanding durability quality, able to withstand heavy wear and tear before needing replaced again. Camera Transporters are a useful tool when inspecting pipes for damage or clogs, whether it be for your client’s home or business. Here at TruGrit, we offer affordable prices and a wide variety of parts sold from different models. It is guaranteed that we will have whatever part for whatever model that you are looking for, whether that be an aries-style or another model.