Cues Compatible 60 Inch Coated Stainless Steel Tow Cable (PAIR)



Part Number: TCS-60-SS
Applications: Fits All Cues track transporters including the Ultra Shorty, Ultra Shorty 21, Ultra Shorty III, and WTR

The Cues Compatible 60” Coated Stainless Steel Tow Cable is a durable part that will allow your sewer transporter do conduct inspections efficiently at every property your service. Industry professionals need to be provided with affordable parts that allow them to restore the function of their tow cable with speed and efficiency. At TruGrit, the Cues Compatible 60” Coated Stainless Steel Tow Cable we sell is made from quality materials that experts can count on. Sewer Transporters or Sewer Crawlers are valued machines that allow modern trenchless inspection services to be conducted on a variety of pipelines. The Cues Compatible 60” Coated Stainless Steel Tow Cable attached to the sewer transporter and comes in a pair. Purchasing a tow cable made from stainless steel is a great option for your transporter because stainless steel is a well-known and long-lasting material you can trust in.

This product pertains to: Sewer Transporter Tow Cables Replacement, Sewer Transporter Lifting Straps Replacement, Sewer Transporter Equipment, Trenchless Pipe Inspection Equipment, Sewer and Drain Camera Inspection Equipment, Sewer Main Inspection, Water Main Inspection, Cues Track Transporters, Pipe Transporter Equipment, Residential Sewer Inspection Equipment, Steel Tow Cable Replacement, Commercial Sewer Transporter Equipment, Municipal Transporter Parts, and Sewer and Drain Transporter Replacement Parts.

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Weight 226.8 g