Cues Compatible 38 Cleat Gritted Tracks- #35 Chain for 6″ Pipe


Low profile version for 6″ pipe and up


Low profile version of our standard gritted tracks. Cues Ultra Shorty 21 Compatible, Fitting in 6″ pipe and up:

Part Number: CPA-3538LP-GU
Applications: Cues Ultra Shorty 21: 6″ pipe and up
Replacement for OEM PN: MC208-1

The Cues Ultra Shorty 21 Compatible 38 Cleat Gritted Tracks – #35 for 6” Pipe is an attachment that goes on the wheel of your sewer camera transporter to move within a pipe with a 6” or more diameter. Vital to your sewer camera transporter, these tracks allow you to closely inspect a pipe system while ensuring your transporter stays in place throughout the process.

We offer a Cues Compatible 38 Cleat Gritted Tracks – #35 for 6” Pipe because different sewer camera transporters have different needs, especially when pipe diameter starts in increase. At TruGrit, we only offer parts made from high-quality materials that are long-lasting and affordable. The equipment we provide will aid your company in performing effective sewer camera inspection services to both businesses and residences. The Cues Compatible 38 Cleat Gritter Tracks – #35 for 6” Pipe allows the sewer camera transporter to conduct inspections on sewer mains and pipes made of everything from concrete, terracotta, and clay to copper, iron, and PVC.  Our Cleat Gritter Tracks are built to last.

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Cues Compatible 38 Cleat Gritted Tracks- #35 Chain for 6
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Weight 6000 g
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 2 in