10-15″ Cues Compatible Hub Adapter Set



The 10-15″ Cues Compatible Hub Adapter Set attaches to the wheel of the sewer camera transporter. The wheels of your sewer camera transporter are essential to the function of your machine because it allows for you to move the camera through the pipes. Sewer camera transporters need to be able to more through your clients’ pipes with ease to reveal all imperfections and details that will help you provide them with a lasting solution. At TruGrit Traction, we work to provide industry professionals with high-quality products that they can count on. The 10-15″ Cues Compatible Hub Adapter Set is the best option for your sewer camera transporter because it allows your equipment to move through a variety of pipe materials such as PVC, HDPE, epoxy lining, cast iron, concrete, and clay. The 10-15″ Cues Compatible Hub Adapter Set is affordable priced and comes ready to install.

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WIP Part Number: HAS-1015-SS
Applications: Cues CPR, PR2, LAMP 2, WTR3

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Cues Compatible Hub Assembly, 10-15
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Weight 199.6 g