8″ CUES Compatible Original Pipe Ranger & UEMSI Prowler Hub Adapter


Required to run TruGrit® wheels on the Cues Original Pipe Ranger (Pipe Ranger 1 & SPR 1) and the UEMSI Prowler.
TruGrit® wheel not included



If you have a Cues Original Pipe Ranger or a UEMSI Prowler sewer camera crawler, then this adapter is required to use the TruGrit® wheels.

Applications: Cues Original Pipe Ranger & UEMSI Prowler
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This is an eight inch cues-style original pipe ranger hub adapter, best suited to fit with a CUES-style wheel. This wheel is sold separately. This adapter is required for a Camera Transporter’s wheel to work effectively. Camera Transporters are a new and efficient method of inspecting pipes for breaks and clogs. Here at TruGrit we offer affordably priced parts for a variety of Camera Transporter models, from the wheels to the hub adapter. It is important to note that it is recommended that this CUES style hub adapter be paired with a CUES style Camera Transporter model for more efficient working quality.