Gritted Cleat w/ Master Link For #40 Chain



Part Number: CG-40M-GU

The Gritted Cleat with Master Link for #40 Chain is a type of cleat that can connect to a variety of sewer camera transporter models. When your sewer camera transporter is missing a part, it takes away from its ability to move seamlessly through pipes and your credibility as industry experts. The materials we use at TruGrit are highly-reliable and work on a variety of pipelines. The Gritted Cleat with Master Link for #40 Chain can be attached to your machine’s chain which does not allow it to slip or slide out of place as your sewer camera transporter moves through your clients’ pipe systems. This equipment benefits your company in providing effective sewer camera inspections that your customers can trust in. The Gritted Cleat with Master Link for #40 Chain is highly-reliable and allows your sewer camera transporter to be effectively repaired. The equipment can be used on residential, commercial, and municipal sewer lines.

This product pertains to: Residential and Commercial Sewer Inspections Equipment, Trenchless Camera Inspection Equipment, Water Main Inspections, Sewer Camera Inspection Equipment, Sewer Transporter Chains, Sewer Transporter Links, Drain Pipe Repair Equipment, Sewer Transporter Cleats, Master Links for Gritted Cleats, Pipeline Inspection Equipment, Sewer Camera Transporter Parts.

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Weight 68.0 g