Gritted Cleat w/ Master Link For #35 Chain


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Part Number: CG-35M-GU

The Gritted Cleat with Master Link for #35 Chain is attached to the track of your sewer camera transported to increase traction while traversing through greasy sewer pipe. Sewer camera transporters need to be able to function property at all times and be able to move smoothly through your client’s pipe system in order for you and your team to properly diagnose pipe issues. Sewer camera transporters can reveal a variety of problems with pipelines such as clogs, cracks, blockages, leaks, corrosion, tree root invasion, and other damage. The Gritted Cleat with Master Link for #35 Chain when added to your machine’s chain will keep your camera transporter moving through the most difficult pipe systems. The Gritted Cleat with Master Link for #35 Chain is made from the most reliable and high-quality materials in the industry.

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