8″ RST Compatible Inner Hub 2-Pin Adapter


Inner Hub, RST 2-Pin to TruGrit® Adapter required to use TruGrit® wheels on a RST Transtar 2 Transporter.  Use with outer hub Part # HC-RT8-SS.


Part Number: HA-RT8-SS-3
Applications: RST Transtar 2 Transporter
Overall Item Dimensions (inches): Ø2.375
Protected by one or more US Patents

The 8’ RST Compatible Inner Hub 2-Pin Adapter is a part of your camera transporter that is essential to the wheel function of your device. Inspecting your clients’ pipelines with speed and efficiency is extremely important because it will allow you to understand what need to be repaired within the pipe system. The wheels of your transporter are especially important because they move the transporter through pipelines with ease. The 8’ RST Compatible Inner Hub 2-Pin Adapter fits the wheels of the RST Compatible Camera Transporter. The replacement part is made of high-quality materials that customers can count on. At TruGrit, we pride ourselves in offering industry experts the replacement parts they can find. The 8’ RST Compatible Inner Hub 2-Pin Adapter is for wheels that are 8” which allows larger sewer camera transporters to have normal wheel function. When your sewer camera transporter parts need replacement, it is important to fix them right away, so you can continue to service your customers in a timely manner.

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Inner Hub, RST 2-Pin to TruGrit® Adapter
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