8″ RST Compatible 1/2″ Axle Inner Hub Adapter


Re-usable inner hub required to use TruGrit® wheels on RST transporters that have a 1/2″ axle.  Use with outer hub Part # HC-RT8-SS.


Part Number: HA-RT8-SS-2
Applications: RST transporters with 1/2″ axle
Overall Item Dimensions (inches): Ø2.375
Protected by one or more US Patents

The 8” RST Compatible ½” Axle Inner Hub Adapter attaches to the wheel of your sewer camera transporter to allow the wheels to machine to work properly. When your sewer camera transporter is missing a part, it takes away from its ability to move seamlessly through your client’s pipe. Sewer camera transporters allow for thorough inspections that inform you about what is going on within the interior of a pipe in addition to providing the correct service to your customer like drain cleaning, pipe lining, pipe bursting, or excavation. The equipment we sell at TruGrit Traction is made up of trusted materials that are built to last. The 8” RST Compatible ½” Axle Inner Hub Adapter is highly-reliable and allows your sewer camera transporter to work with the TruGrit wheels. The 8” RST Compatible ½” Axle Inner Hub Adapter can attach to your RST Transporter to repair your sewer camera transporter with ease.

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Inner Hub, RST 1/2
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Weight 145.2 g