Tire, Pneumatic, 4.1 Hub x 4″W



Part Number: TP-4104
Applications: Cues PR, SPR
Replacement for OEM PN: WT041

As a pipe professional, your sewer camera transporter needs to be fully function all year long. The Tire, Pneumatic, 4.1 Hub x 4”W is an excellent option for your sewer camera transporter because it allows your machine to travel through a variety of pipe materials such as PVC, concrete, HDPE, concrete, steel, and cast iron without slipping and sliding around. The Tire, Pneumatic, 4.1 Hub x 4”W is an affordably priced tire made from materials give your transporter the best grip to explore your clients pipes. Sewer camera inspections are an essential service that give you a viable way to properly solve pipe problems with accuracy and speed. If you are experiencing troubles with the tires of your sewer camera transporter, it may be time to replace one or more of them. The Tire, Pneumatic, 4.1 Hub x 4”W is extremely durable and easy to replace.

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Tire, Pneumatic, 4.1 Hub x 4\\\\
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Weight 1360.777 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 3 in