Tire, Pneumatic 10″ x 4 V



Part Number: TP-26085V
Applications: Ibak/RV, PANO 150, T76, T86 & PANO 2;  Cues Pipe Ranger, Pipe Ranger ll

At TruGrit Traction, we provide industry professionals with the best sewer camera transporter parts in the industry. It is essential to the function of your company that your sewer crawler is functioning properly to assist you in conducting the most effective sewer camera inspections possible. The Tire, Pneumatic 10” x 4 V is an excellent option for your sewer camera transporter because it allows you to move the machine through your clients’ pipes with ease. Sewer camera transporters need to be able to stay firmly gripped to the interior of a pipe, so it can properly reveal the exact problem within the pipeline. The Tire, Pneumatic 10” x 4 V grips to the most difficult pipes filled with debris like grease or thick layers of scale. The sewer crawlers we sell are made of high-quality materials that are built to last.

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Tire, Pneumatic 10
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Weight 1500 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 3 in