Tire, Pneumatic 12″ x 4 V



Part Number: TP-4004V
Applications: Fits Ibak & Rapid View T76, T86 and PANO 2 Tractors

The Tire, Pneumatic 12’ x 4 V is a durable replacement tire for your IBAK Compatible Camera Transporter. Sewer Camera Transporters provide industry professionals with the most reliable methods of pipeline inspection. The Tire, Pneumatic 12’ x 4 V is essential to the effectiveness of your sewer camera inspection because it allows the transporter to move through your clients’ pipeline without slipping and sliding out of place. The large tires allow the transporter to move through large diameter pipes like sewer and water mains as well as larger residential pipelines. At TruGrit, we provide experts with durable sewer tires, tubes, and rims that they can count on during every inspection they perform. The Tire, Pneumatic 12’ x 4 V is made from the best materials and can move your transporter through HDPE, concrete, terracotta, iron, and PVC pipe systems.

This product pertains to: Sewer Tires, Tubes, and Rim Replacements, IBAK Compatible Camera Transporter Parts, Sewer Main Inspection Equipment, Trenchless Sewer ad Drain Inspection Equipment, Sewer Camera Transporter Replacement Tires, Residential Sewer and Drain Pipe Inspection Parts, Camera Transporter Replacement Equipment, Large Transporter Tire Replacement, Commercial Sewer Transporter Tire Replacement, Municipal Sewer and Drain Transporter Tire Replacement, and Sewer Camera Inspection Equipment.

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Tire, Pneumatic 12
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Weight 1500 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 3 in