TruGrit® Combo Starter Kit for 8 Inch Pipe | Envirosight & IPEK Compatible


2 TruGrit® Wheels for 8 Inch Pipe 
2 TruGrit STEEL Wheels for 8 Inch Pipe
Four TruGrit® Hub Adapter Sets | Envirosight Compatible
All required hardware to run TruGrit® Wheels on your Envirosight transporter
FITS: RX130, 125, & Supervision Camera Transporters


TruGrit® Combo Starter Kit | Envirosight Compatible, includes everything you need to be up and running plug and play with two each TruGrit® Polymer Wheels and two each TruGrit® STEEL wheels on your RX130, RX125, or Supervision Transporter in 8″ pipe.   Run both types of wheels in conjunction with each other for a combination that is guaranteed to get you to that next manhole.  Run the TruGrit® STEELS in the front or the back depending on pipe conditions and operator preference.

When choosing a sewer camera transporter, one thing you must consider is the cost of ownership.  Repair cost can be very expensive, so it is important that you aren’t eating away at your profits on costly replacement wheels and hubs.   Wheels that require you to purchase a new hub every time the rubber wheel wears out, just doesn’t make sense.

At TruGritTraction.com we strive to provide quality American-Made camera transporter parts at an affordable cost.  By creating innovative products, such as our Envirosight Compatible Hub Assembly, we can save you hundreds of dollars on wheels alone.

If you own the push button style quick release Envirosight hub assembly, simply remove the quick release mechanism from the axle, and then easily install the TruGrit®-to-Envirosight Compatible Hub Assembly with a single bolt. It’s just that simple to upgrade to your new TruGrit® wheels.

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Applications: RX130, RX125 & Supervision

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