TruGrit® STEEL Combo Tracks | 38 cleat (PAIR)


Cues Compatible Crawler Tracks-Fits Ultra Shorty 21
Price includes Pair (both sides)
Include TruGrit® STEEL cleats & MAX GRIP rubber cleats
Nickel chain-no corrosion, no stretching

NOTE: Picture does not accurately depict the current configuration.
On the 30 cleat tracks we use 8 carbide steel cleats per side, on the 38 cleat tracks we use 10 carbide steel cleats per side, and we use 12 per side on the 47 cleat tracks.  We can also build any configuration you would like, or you can purchase additional steel cleats found here.





Cues Compatible crawler tracks TruGrit® STEEL Combo Tracks are not only the best bang for the buck, they provide the best traction and longest wear life than any of the other tracks we sell. These tracks are priced similar to the OEM standard rubber tracks, but rest assured these aren’t your Grandma’s daily drivers. These will be your daily drivers for sure, but will also have the pulling power to get you through the most difficult situations you will encounter in a pipe. The rubber cleats are softer yet far more durable than the standard rubber cleats, so they have some serious gripping power, and when you couple them with a handful of the solid STEEL gritted cleats on each side, you will be able to cut through the grease and make it to that last manhole without beating your head against the wall.

Check them out in Metropolitan Sewer & Water Magaizine

This product pertains to: Sewer Camera Transporter Replacement Parts, Trenchless Pipe Inspection Equipment, Cues Compatible Sewer Camera Transporter Replacement Parts, gritted Track Replacements, Residential and Commercial Pipe Inspection Equipment, Industrial and Institutional Camera Inspection Equipment and Replacement Parts, Sewer Crawler Replacement Parts, Sewer Main Equipment, Water Line Inspection Equipment, Camera Inspection Replacement parts, Cues compatible crawler tracks

Part Number: CPA-3538-CC
Applications: Cues Ultra Shorty 21
Replacement for OEM PN: MC208-1

Click here if you need TruGrit® STEEL Crawler Tracks for your Cues WTR or USIII with 30 cleats per side
Click here if you need TruGrit® STEEL Crawler Tracks for your Cues Ultra Shortly or original LAMP with 47 cleats per side

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Cues Compatible 38 Cleat Treaded Tracks- #35 Chain (Pair)
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Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 2 in

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