TruGrit® TPU Wheel (Non Gritted) | 8″ Pipe


Fits in 8 inch pipe on the following crawlers:
Aries-Badger, Mini Badger & Pathfinder
Envirosight-RX130 & Supervision
IBAK-T76, T86 & PANO 2
RST-All wheeled crawlers
Mini-Cam Proteus


The TruGrit® TPU Polymer Non Gritted Camera Crawler Wheel is a non gritted version of our TruGrit® Polymer Gritted Wheel.  Not only is it our most affordable option, it is very durable and has proven to be an effective aftermarket solution to the standard rubber wheels offered by the OEMs.

With our state of the art tread pattern, and rigid nylon hub you will:

NEVER sag in the pipe due to the weight of your transporter
Wheels will NEVER peel off of the hub adapters
You will ALWAYS maintain a solid footprint in the pipe.

Because our wheels are made from a durable thermoplastic polymer, which bridge the gap between rubber and rigid plastic, they will last much longer than the standard rubber wheels you are used to.

At a replacement cost of only $47 each, coupled with an increase in production due to better traction, your operating cost per foot will significantly increase over time.

With our custom reusable hub adapters, the TruGrit® TPU Camera Crawler wheel will fit perfectly on 5 of the major camera transporter brands.  Simply  purchase the hub adapters one time, and then all you have to do is purchase new TruGrit® wheels as needed.  For customers accustomed to having to buy a new molded wheel/hub assembly every time their wheel wears out, this can be a huge savings.

Deciding on what camera transporter to purchase can be a daunting task…deciding what camera crawler wheels to use on your camera transporter is a no brainer, because the TruGrit® TPU Camera Crawler Wheel fits Cues, with standard Cues style hubs, fits Envirosight/IPEK, IBAK/Rapid View, and RST with TruGrit® Hub Adapters.

If you do not see your camera crawler wheel brand here, please email info@trugrittraction.com to request custom adapters for your transporter or self propelled lateral reinstatement cutter.

Check out this video to see the TruGrit® carbide grit polymer wheels in action versus the steel carbide grit wheels. TruGrits In Action

Part Number: TM-8QC-NG
Applications: Fits ARIES | CUES | Envirosight | IBAK | Mini-Cam Proteus | RST in 8″ pipe
Replacement for OEM PN: Cues WM092 (8″ QC, CPR)
Overall Item Dimensions (Inches):  Ø4.38 x 0.62 thick
Protected by one or more US Patents


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TruGrit Traction
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Weight 141.3 g
Dimensions 4.3 × 4.3 × .65 in

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