Tube, 10″



10″ OD x 4″ Rim, 6 ply tire tube with 90 degree Shrader valve.
Part # TU-26085

IBAK/RV Pegasus, T76, T86 & PANO 2

This ten inch tire tube comes with a 90 degree valve. The 90 degree valve makes it possible to pump air into the tire from multiple angles. This tire can fit several different models of Camera Transporters. Camera Transporters are a modern machine designed to effectively search pipes for any and all damages. Camera Transporters can locate where a pipe may have burst or where a blockage is. These machines can fit into a wide range of different pipe types, from water pipes to sewer pipes. When you use TruGrit tires, you can be sure they will be durable enough to last through heavy wear and tear. These tires even build up in traction as the time passes, making them a great investment.