Tube, 200mm D x 50mm W



Part Number: TU-20050
Applications: Cues WTR 3, CPR and SPR2
Replacement for OEM PN: WT118

The Tube, 200mm D x 50mm W goes within the tire of your sewer camera transporter to make sure it is properly inflated at all times. Your sewer camera transporter is a vital piece of equipment because it aids to the function of your machine’s wheels. A sewer camera transporter allows your sewer and drain company to effectively and efficiently inspect the interior of your clients’ pipes, small or large. The Tube, 200mm D x 50mm W fits within your tire with ease and it made of reliable materials that you can trust in. At TruGrit Traction, all of our parts are affordably priced and ready to use upon arrival. When it comes to your sewer camera transporter, you cannot afford for your machine to be unusable due to a flat tire. Sewer camera inspection are conducted for almost every service whether you are conducting a regularly scheduled drain cleaning or relining a larger sewer main.

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Tube, 200mm D x 50mm W
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Weight 86.2 g

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