Tube, 4.1 x 4



Part Number: TU-4104
Applications: Cues PR, SPR
Replacement for OEM PN: TM050

The Tube, 4.1 x 4 is an affordably priced product and easy solution to your flat sewer camera transporter tire. When you have a tire on your sewer camera transporter that is flat, it is vital to replace the tube right away. At TruGrit Traction, we understand how important your sewer camera transporter is to the success of your business which is why we offer you products made of materials that are built to last. The Tube, 4.1 x 4 fits within your tire to properly inflate it, so it can move through a variety of pipe systems and various pipe materials including PVC, HDPE, ductile iron, concrete, and metal. Additionally, the tires of your sewer camera transporter needs to be properly inflated to move your machine through your residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal clients’ pipes. The Tube, 4.1 x 4 is the best investment instead of replacing your sewer camera transporter tire all together.

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Tube, 4.1 x 4
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Weight 172.4 g