TruGrit Traction and Cleaner Magazine

TruGrit Traction has recently published a piece in Cleaner Magazine, one of the leading plumbing, sewer and home services magazines in the United States, specializing in new technologies, trends and information relating to any products, systems and relevant research for our industry and specifically what we do here at TruGrit.

A quote from the editorial, linked here at Cleaner Magazine’s website:

“The TruGrit has the unique ability to provide the traction needed for varying pipe types, yet it still provides the flexibility needed to traverse through obstacles without damaging the pipe,” says Tom Rebozo, director of sales and marketing for TruGrit Traction. “This is what sets it apart from the common steel carbide grit wheels on the market today. Thanks to an optimal blend of flexible polymer and carbide grit, TruGrit wheels do not get dull, even in clay and concrete pipe; they only get better as they wear, making them truly a universal wheel for all your CCTV inspection and trenchless needs.”

As experts in the field and pioneers in wheel design and materials, we’re already staying current with any technology and trend in our industry. But it’s also important to share as much as that knowledge as possible in places like Cleaner Mag. It can bring in some leads and business, sure, but it’s important for any dynamic company to engage in the research and trending topics and news of the day.

We really appreciate that forums and platforms like Cleaner Magazine exist that allow leaders in our field to discuss the latest and greatest. And we recommend the magazine (either online or in print) to anyone in the piping or plumbing industry.